Communication skills


A lot of people get confused between listening and hearing. These are two different things and abilities of a human being. Hearing in scientific terms or technical terms happens when the sound waves of an audible frequency strike your ear drums, telling your brain that there was a sound. So in layman's terms hearing is not really doing anything rather its an involuntary action. That is even if you don't want to hear things like your mom yelling at you or your boss giving you feedback. 

Listening is an enhancement of hearing, this ability of human beings is voluntary and human beings choose to listen. In other words you pay some or all of your attention to what is being heard. That is when your mom is yelling at you for not doing something, you might not pay that much attention because she barely ever asks you to repeat what she said. But however, in a boss's speech in a meeting you pay full attention, because at a later time he might come up with the dreaded question " what was that statement i made?" We don't want to be in a complicated situation there.


Speaking is a very important part of the communication process. Infact i would say that this is as important than listening is. Speaking includes proper sentence structure, grammar (not the puntuation marks though!), clarity and a good thought process. When you look at it written like that you wonder how many things go into something as simple as this. But in reality all these qualities are already incorporated in you by birth, now that's the good news. The bad news is it is customized to your mother tongue( the language you have been taught since your birth ) Now being Indian is more of an affirmation of the fact that unfortunately that mother tongue of yours is not English. So, in short to speak effectively you have to have immense knowledge of the english language and then after that you have to customize your inborn skills of speaking with all its ingredients with the new alien language that we call 'English'.