Communication skills

The Communication Skills Process

The process of communication is fairly simple and easy to understand. Now whatever chain of events you refer to we all know that there is a starting point and then an ending point. Communications Cycle is no exception. So the starting point and the ending point in this type of cycle is the same! How? Let's explore that shall we?

Communications process begins at the sender. The sender is the person that is originating the message he encodes the message and sends the message across a channel. The receiver on the other hand has to decode the message from the channel (or medium) and receive the message and after understanding the message, he has to give a reply or a feedback back to the sender to ensure that he knows that his message has been received and understood. Now this, is a typical Communication Skills Cycle. So, we have seen the sender originates the message, thereby starting the cycle and also receives the feedback from the receiver and therefore ends the cycle. Now, isn't that simple to understand?

Below is a diagram of communications cycle for more details buy my book which is located on the My Book section of this website.
Communication Cycle