Communication skills

The whole world is in shock at the loss of the 'King of Pop'. Personally i have never been a big fan of him. But after his death i browsed through You tube videos of his. And i must say i had heard of his dancing skills to be great and also i had watched some of his songs on MTV, but this guy had killer moves. If not for anything else i knew of him for his child abuse scandals, which in my opinion were a total Hoax and '15 seconds of fame' as for him greats like him are unlikely to be involved in such petty things. What are your views on him?


Call Centers in India.

There is a myth doing the rounds that call centers in india are going to close down in the next two to three years, but at the same time there are reports and surveys in the US that suggest an increase in income from overseas call centers. My views on this is that a call center that is working for its parent company will not be closed unless in dire circumstances (which is highly unlikely). Companies like GE Money Servicing, Dell International Services, Bank Of America, HSBC, and other call center BPO's are what i am referring to in this Blog. What are your thoughts on that ?


This is Muzaffar Ahmed, the webmaster of this website. This website is for communication skills and call centers in india. How to get a job in a call center and why is it so challenging for certain people to do so. I am a process migration expert by profession currently. And i have trained in process and voice & accent. I have also worked as an agent for customer service, technical support and also sales.